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Isolation Transformer
Part 12

After one week's Long Run Test, the Isolation Transformer works fine with my AV system. There is no over heat and no noise.

The total cost of this DIY Isolation Transformer is about HK$ 3000 / US$ 390.

All materials were bought from Mainland China through the Internet.

Isolation Transformer Schematic Diagram

This is the finalised design of my Isolation Transformer, you are welcome to use it, but ... ... take your own risk !!!

Since the A.C. power supply is good in Hong Kong, I think the improvement by this Isolation Transformer is not obvious.

Of course, there are many factors affecting the improvement or the judgement of the improvement:

  • My ear / eye performance

  • The materials of the Isolation Transformer is not HIFI grade

Anyway, I learnt a lot from this DIY Isolation Transformer.

Looking forward to next DIY project.


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