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Isolation Transformer
Part 3

Today, drilling again ... ... but I tried something very useful ... the upper part of a plastic bottle.
Free drilling protective cover The upper part of a plastic bottle can keep the debris in a small place. This can make cleaning easier and make the whole drilling process safer.


Oh ... Drilled on the wrong side ...

DIY's MUST Experience !!!

Drill again ...

Today, 12 holes (11 + 1 mistake) were drilled. The biggest hole on each Aluminum Plate is for the power cord to pass through two separate cases of the Isolation Transformer.

I will use one big Aluminum Case for the Transformer and the output sockets, one small Aluminum Case for the input power and power filtering circuit.

I use this design because

  • A case with perfect size for DIY is by luck ... this time, I find one, but it is out of stock ... ...

  • Order a Tailor made case is very expensive

  • It is too difficult for me to make a case at this moment ... drilling is already not a easy task ... cutting Aluminum Plate will be nightmare ... ... for me ... DIY at home in Hong Kong.

  • Two separate cases for the input and the output can isolate the interference between the input and the output... this is good !!! Because this is the main task of Isolation Transformer in Hi-Fi world.
Part 3 finished

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