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Isolation Transformer
Part 7

This is the back of the bigger case.

The two square holes are standard design ... but, I do not want it.

American Style electric socket

I use two heat sinks to cover the 2 square holes.

The small round hole is installed the Fuse

"American Style" electric socket is from Copper Colour.

Fitting only, you have to install the wires before installing the sockets on the aluminum plate .... because of the stupid design of the "American Style" Electric Socket ... ... the wiring screws are on the left and the right sides. Therefore, you cannot loosen / tighten the screws when the electric sockets are installed parallel to each other.

Wiring complete ... the connector in white color is for connecting to the output of the Isolation Transformer.

I try my best to use 6 mm square wire for connection. Since this is HIFI related DIY project, thicker wire is always preferred.

Glue Gun

I use this glue gun to fix the wires in place. Since this is a DIY project, try and error is the key, I can remove / relocate the wires easily with glue, but not screw.

The Volt and Ampere Meter is installed on the front plate.

The input (red wires), Shielding (yellow wire) will be connected to the circuit in the smaller case.

After wiring, please check the connectivity ...

  • Correct connection - Live to Live, Neutral to Neutral

  • Short Circuit - e.g Live to Neutral ... must not shorted normally... but ... this is a transformer, you will find Live and Neutral are "short circuit".

  • Secure connection - try to shake the wires ... is it loose ?

If you are not familiar with electricity, transformer, ask for help before really connecting the equipment to the power.

Part 7 finished

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