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Fake / Replica Wristwatch

There are more and more Fake Watches or Replica Watches being sold through the Internet. Unfortunately, as a Google Ads publisher, this is impossible to block all advertisements about the Fake watches and Replica watches.

Fake wristwatch
There is no such design, style, color, ... of the watch from the brand name marked on the watch.

Replica wristwatch
This is a "copy" of the true watch; however, the quality is lower, and for most cases, the movement is not the same one as the true one. E.g. You will buy a Replica Rolex with an ETA movement.

We know there are many people would like to buy Replica watches because they only want to showoff. Therefore, there is a huge Replica Watch Market around the world.

Most Replica Watches are cheap comparing with the real things; however, high price does not mean the watch is real.

Some on-line unethical merchants post the photos of the real watches, so what you see is not what you get. If you are going to buy an expensive authentic watch, do not save 1 or 2 thousand dollars but waste other 1 or 2 thousand dollars, buy from the authorized dealer or official website.

If you bought the real watch already but would like to worn a cheap replica daily, this is acceptable. But for a real watch lover, there is no excuse to buy a replica other than that.

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