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John Harwood

John Harwood invented and produced the 1st Automatic Wrist Watch in the world, although this is not the 1st automatic winding sysem.

John Harwood was born in Bolton, Lancashire, in 1893 and died in 1964.

John Harwood was one of the genius in horology; therefore, he was honoured by the British Horological Institure in 1957, he was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal.

He was a genius in watch making; however, he was not a successful businessman, his company was forced into liquidation because of the slump during 1930s.

John Harwood Self-winding wrist watch 1929

There is no crown / winding stem in John Harwood's design. His design arranged the hand-set mechanism to be operated by turning the bezel of the watch.

A small "Red Dot" on the dial indicates that the hand-set mechanism is engaged. If not, the dot is white.

This photo shows one of the production models made in 1929, this one is silver cased with the Harwood Self-winding Watch Co. Ltd. Patent no. 106,583, 15 jewels, 2ADJ signed on the movement.

Case diameter: 29.5 mm

John Harwood Self-winding movement

The self-winding mechanism is not operated by a 360 degree Rotor, it is operated by an oscillating winding weight with spring-loaded buffers at the ends.

Moreover, there is a gear which is connected to the bezel in order to set the time.

John Harwood Self-winding movement The path in Red is the path of the oscillating winding weight.

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