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Lip SA

Lip SA Vanguard 1968

Lip SA is an electric watch which is furnished with 7-jewelled bearings and with Incabloc shock protection for the balance axis.

The watch is powered by battery; therefore, there is no Mainspring. Moreover, escapement was not used, its function is done by 2 electromagnets which flanks the balance wheel.

Lip SA Vanguard movement

The Balance Wheel was made from magnetic material. When the balance wheel rotates, a small nib on the balance axis moves an electrical contact arm to complete the electric circuit, thus switching on the electromagnets which attract the extended horns of the balance wheel.

Further rotation of the balance wheel causes the nib to pass the contact, the contact is disconnected, then the electromagnetic is off.

After the balance wheel reaching its full amplitude, the balance is returned by the force of the balance spring; however,this time, the nib on the balance axis passes the contact without operating it.

When the balance returns, the process is repeated and the electromagnets again attract the balance wheel, giving another impulse.

The following animated image explains the process.

Theory of electric watch

The yellow represents the electromagnets are switched on.


The Lip SA has 3 versions :

  • Cosmic - 18 K gold case , decorative dial

  • Jupiter - chromium-plated case

  • Vanguard - 18 K gold case , plain dial ( the one shown above)

Total number of pieces of these 3 versions is 7,000 only.

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