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Mechanical Clock Model
from Japan
"�j�H������ Vol. 80"


I bought this model long long ago. Today, I have time to asseble it and I have place to show it.

Although I cannot read Japanese, I can assemble the model following the photos in the manual. Therefore, you can feel what I did through the photos below. Enjoy !!!

�j�H������ Vol. 80

Science Of Adult Vol. 80

1800 Japanese dollars

Parts of mechanical clock model

The parts of the mechanical clock model

Parts of mechanical clock

The packing of the mechanical clock model

Parts of mechanical clock model

Most parts are made of plastic.

Mechanical Clock Parts #1

Parts #1

Mechanical Clock Parts #2

Parts #2

Mechanical Clock Parts #2

Put the nuts into the plastic cover

Mechanical Clock Parts #2

Cover the nuts and form a Ball

Part 1 and 2

Put parts 1 and parts 2 together

Function: Pallet Fork, Balance Spring and Balance wheel

Mechanical Clock Part #3

Parts #3

Mechanical Clock Part #1,2,3

Put parts #1 and parts #3 together

Mechanical Clock Part #1,2,3

Showing you another side

Mechanical Clock Part #1,2,3

Tide a piece of string

Mechanical Clock Part #1,2,3

Tide a piece of string - complete

Parts #4

Parts #4

Parts 4

Parts #4 - complete

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