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始於 2007年 6月

Recently, we received a lot of e-maisl and we are sorry about that we cannot reply the e-mails within a short period.

HorologyZone is maintained by a group of Wrist Watch Lovers, we are trying our best to update the information in the website and reply your valuable e-mails.

If you find a NEW brand of wrist watch and it is not shown in our lists, please e-mail us and share with other wrist watch lovers around the world.

Moreover, you can support us by shopping through Amazon.com

Why a Mechanical Wrist Watch with hands is the best gift for your lover?

  • Wrist watch is wearable, daily wearable ... this is like a wedding ring but more useful.

  • The hands of a watch represent Man, Woman, and God ... Hour hand represents Man and Minute Hand represents Woman, the hands will come together and be alone time to time, it is similar to our real life. The Second Hand represent the God who always go around between us.

  • A watch tells time and time is the most valuable thing between lovers ... a watch reminds us the time that lovers experienced.

  • Mechanical Watch has a Heart, tic ... tak ... tic ... tak ...

  • If you are going to find a wrist watch as a gift, our Brand List may help you.

Date / 日期 Update / 更新
2016-Jan-17 Casio Waveceptor - Time Signal Simulator



China / Hong Kong Brands Link Page is added

2015-Nov-28 Brand List is updated ... More brands are included

Our Affordable / Daily Watch Collection

Timex Ironman Seiko Titanium Chronograph 1997 Ball Watch Engineer
Casio G-Shock Tough Solar Orient Star GMT Orient Star GMT
忙裡偷閑 DIYer - HIFI  
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