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始於 2007年 6月

***Happy New Year***


This is time to choose a watch for your lover

Happy Valentine's Day

As a small potato in the world of Wrist Watches, we do not have a chance to share our real experiences of the first-class watches with you. However, we are trying our best to keep in touch with the Watches' Market.

Now, there is a NEW watch, a really NEW watch in the world ... The Zenith's Defy Lab.

The official web site of Zenith says:
It is the reinvention of Huyguens principle.
New and Disruptive monolithic silicon oscillator replacing classic swiss anchor, hairspring and balance wheel.
A new oscillator representing a major innovation in the watch industry since the 1675 invention of the balance and hairsrping principle by scientist Christiaan Huygens.

Defy Lab
Photo is found in the Internet ... origin is unknown.

The eye catching part of the movement: one part includes the functions of Anchor (Pallet Fork), Hairspring and Balance Wheel.

For the basic knowledge of the Anchor, Hairspring and Balance Wheel, please start learning from our Basic Lesson 3.

For more information about Defy Lab, please goes to the official web site of Zenith.


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